Pyrenees and hiking : Several hikes

All hikes can be done without a guide, unless mentioned otherwise.
Always check the weather forecast. Some of the hikes can not be done with fog.
All the hikes suggested, are previously hiked by the Bergtoppers, to exclude any surprises!

Hike from Moulin Lauga to the paradise

paradijs If you do the Visser program you parc you car as far as possible next to the river Estours, otherwise you parc your car in Moulin Lauga and you walk the first hour next to the river.
Here you find a sign of GR10 and the path becomes smaller.
You continue this GR10 track next to the river Estours which is a pretty rough river where some people do kayaking. After 2 hours hiking you will see the paradise with an impressive cascade, Cascade dÁrcouzan.
Thsi is a very nice place for you picnic.
It is also possible to go on to the second paradise…..
If you have seen enough you go back the same way that you came.


Bring your packed lunch
Start and end : Moulin Lauga
Ca. 4 to 6 hours hiking, 300 meters descend and ascend
Suitable for everyone

Hike from the Bergtoppers to the gite in Aunac

cos Today is a relatief easy hiking day.
After your Bergtopper breakfast you go via the GR10 into the direction of Esbints where you walk to the valy of the Artigue.
Via some little tracks and a nice forest you descent to the gite of Esbints where you will meet a pig, chickens, dunkeys, horses and maybe more…..!
After a little brake you go on via the road. Via the woods and a little hill you reach Camp Peyret, almost at the gite in Aunac.
Here too you find dunkeys who need some attention.
You spend the night in the gite of Aunac where you find your luggage.


Bring your packed lunch
Start Bergtopper, end the gite in Aunac
Ca. 3 to 4 hours hiking, 400 meters descend and 100 meters ascend
Suitable for everyone

Hike from Aunac to Seix

cos After your breakfast in the gite you start your hike.
Via the GRP you walk to the village Aunac, where you will find some people who stay there only in the summer. In wintertime it is empty.
After that you join the GR10 where there are 2 options to go to Seix……
You can go directly or you can go to the Cos hill from where you have a beautiful view on Seix, Oust, the gite where you stayed and some hills like the Mont Valier.
In Seix you find your car. Before you drive to Ustou you have to pick up your luggage in Aunac.


Bring your packed lunch or have lunch in Seix
Start in Aunac and end in Seix
direct to Seix: Ca. 2 hours hiking, 200 meters descend
Via the Cos hill: Ca. 4 hours hiking, 50 meters descend, 350 meters ascend, 500 meters descend
Suitable for everyone

Circulair Tour at the Cagateille

Today is your last hike of this program.
After your breakfast you drive to the parking at the Cagateille.
You can take a look at the information sign or just follow the Red and White signs of the Transfrontalier.
After half an hour walking you will see the entrance of the Cirque, a good place to make some pictures….
If you go on you will walk into this nice Cirque. Here you find enough places for children to play into or next to the river.
It is also possible to walk a little further.


Bring your packed lunch
Start and end : Parking at the Cagateille
1 hour 30 hiking, 100 meters difference in altitude
Suitable for everyone

Hike from the Col de la Core (1395 meters) to Etang d’Ayes (1860 meters) and back to the Col de la Core

meerc Today you start your hike at the col de la core. This col is done several times in the Tour de France.
From the Col you go up for 100 meters which is pretty heavy. After this climb it becomes easier and after a while you find lots of framboses. When you go out of the trees you climb a little more and on your right hand you will see Etang de Bethmale.
After this point of view you will reach another col very soon. Here you also find a cabin where you could spend the night.
After this col you will reach etang dÁyes in less then 30 minutes.
This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Pyrenees.
After your picnic and your swim you walk back to the col de la core.


Bring your lunch.
Start and finish at the Col de la Core.
Approximately 6 hours hike, 900 meters difference in altitude.
Suitable for everyone in a good shape.

Hike from Couflens to Ustou or Bidous

You start the day with a transfer to Couflens.
From there you start hiking to the gite in Ustou. You start climbing from 700 meters to 1500 meters. This is a nice climb with different views. On the top you have a nice view into two different valleys. It is also possible to make a circle tour for 2 or 3 hours.<>br You can also go down and finish the day in the swimming pool of St. Lizier d’Ustou. Very nice for the children.
From there it is only 30 minutes to the gite in Bidous.


Bring your lunch
Start in Couflens en finish in Ustou or Bidous
Approximately 4 to 5 hours walk, 800 meters difference in altitude.
Hike is suitable for everyone.


From Coumebiere (1400 meters) to Refuge de Bassies (1650 meters)

You start walking from Coumebiere. Via the GR10 you ascend and you continue via another track. You pass ruines of mining and a little lake where you can take a little brake.
After this you continue ascendig and you will reach the ridge. From here you can see the refuge.
Via the GR10 you will reach the refuge.

From Refuge de Bassies to Coumebiere

After breakfast in the Refuge of Bassies you can go back to Coumebiere but maybe you want to spend here another half day.
If you go back you follow the GR10 with a heavy climb but the panorama is magnificent. Finally you reach a very beautiful mountain lake.
From here you go down to Port de Saleix and finally you reach Coumebiere where your car is.


Sleep in the refuge
Bring 1 packed meal
Sleeping bag or sheet
Start in Coumebiere and end in Coumebiere
Day 1 about 600 meters ascending and 350 meters descending
Day 2 about 350 meters ascending and 600 meters descending
Suitable for everyone

Hike from Seix to Bergtoppers

From Seix you walk along the Salat, upstream, and pick up the GR10 at the bridge over the Salat. You go here towards the gite of Aunac where you walk past. Here you can make an extra trip to the Cos hill that gives you a nice view of Seix and Oust.

You take the GR10 on a beautiful forest path. After a while, cross the Esbints and head for the Esbints gite.

From here it is another hour of climbing to the Bergtoppers.


Bring your lunch from Bergtoppers
Start at Seix and finish at Bergtoppers
Approximately 4-5 hours hike, 600 meters up and 200 meters down
Suitable for everyone

Hike from the Col de la Core to the river of the Riberot

Pyrenees and hiking

From the Col de la Core we’ll head for the Col d’Auedole via a nice, rough path. We’ll probably see lots of raspberries and isards.
After a 1 ½ hours walk we’ll reach a cabin, a shelter for maximum 5 people.
We’ll continue to climb for ½ an hour to a lake with a beautiful view: Etang d’Ayes.
A beautiful place to have a break. We can even have a swim at the lake…

After another hours walk, we’ll reach another cabin. Here we’ll find a sign for the valley of the Riberot. We’ll start to descend to the river Riberot, our finish.
A beautiful spot to sit at the river and view Mont Valier.

You could extend the walk for another hour to a beautiful cascade.


Bring your lunch.
Start at the Col de la Core and finish at the Riberot.
Approximately 6 hours hike, 900 meters difference in altitude.
Suitable for everyone.
The hike can be extended.



From Frechendech to Etang d’Araing (1950 meter)

From the parkingplace at Frechendech you start your walk next to the little stream. You walk into the forrest and after a while you will see a nice chapel. This is the Chapelle de LÍsard where you have a nice view and there is also a source available. A nice place for a break or if you are very tired you could spend the night here.
If you continue the patch you will soon see an old cabin with cattle near it. From here you can almost see the barrage of the lake. You have to climb another 400 meters to Etang dÁraing.
If you come to the barrage you are almost there.
At the refuge you can order a drink or take a hot shower….

From Etang d’Araing (1950 meter) to Pic de Crabere (2629) and back to Frechendech

The next day you start with a typical French breakfast.
frechendech After your breakfast you could climb the Pic de Crabere. This will take about 1 hour 30 because you can leave your backpack at the refuge. The pic rewards you with a nice view to Spain and you can also look into the valley that goes to Fos. You can see lots of GR10.
After your reward you go back to the refuge where you find your luggage and you can have your lunch here or take your packed meal.
From the refuge you walk back to the parking at Frechendech.



Start en end at the Parking in Frechendech
1 night in the refuge based on 1/2 board
Bring a packed meal on the first day and arrange a packed meal/lunch for the second day
Day 1 about 5 hours, day 2 about 4 untill 7 hours
Suitable for every one with some experience