Hiking with children aged from 6 years and older

Tour de Family Dreu 2024

hiking with children from 6 years

At refuge de Bassies

Hiking with children aged from 6 years and older

If you do this week with a family with 2 children, 6 and 9 years old, a car and you stay in our cabin than the costs will be about:
1600 euro total in juli/august (1/2 board included)
The group program is also 1600 euros and starts on 6 and 20 july and on 3 august.


The first 2 days you stay at the gite in Cominac based on 1/2 board. (breakfast and dinner)
After that you start your hike from Couflens to another gite where you spend 2 nights, probably on your own room.
Next day is a resting day where you can go to a swimming pool or swim in the river.
The following 2 nights you spend in a French refuge, first you have to walk there….
The last night is again at the gite where you started. You can share your experience with other hikers.


All nights are based on 1/2 board. (breakfast and dinner)
Packed meals can be ordered in the different accommodations, prices are from 10 euros a packed meal.
At the gites you can only pay in cash. (drinks, packed meals, tip…)


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