Terms and Conditions

The start date of your holiday is normally the day before the start of your walk, as most holidays start with a night’s accommodation prior to your first day of activity. Please let us know of any requirements you may have, for instance special diets. We will do our best to meet your requirements. Your maps, guides and other information will be given to you on arrival.

All prices are in Euro and are valid for 2007.

A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking. The balance of payment must be made in full no later than 6 weeks before the start of the holiday. For bookings made within 6 weeks of the start date, the full holiday price must be paid at the time of booking. If you do not pay the balance of the holiday price at the prescribed time Bergtoppers reserves the right to cancel the booking and apply the cancellation charges set out below.

Cancellation of a booking can only be accepted in writing and must bear the signature of whoever made the booking. Cancellation charges will be made according to this schedule:

a. Cancellation more than 56 days before the start of your holiday:  30% of the total cost with a minimum of 30 euro’s per person.
b. Cancellation more than 42 days and less than 56 days before the start of your holiday: 40% of the total cost.
c. Cancellation more than 28 days and less than 42 days before the start of your holiday: 50% of the total cost.
d. Cancellation more than 7 days and less than 28 days before the start of your holiday: 75% of the total cost.
e. Cancellation 7 days or less before the start of your holiday: 100% of the total cost.

No refund can be given for cancellation on the day the holiday starts or whilst on holiday

Good navigation and fell walking skills are required on most holidays. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your party members have the appropriate skills, levels of fitness, and equipment for the holiday of your choice. If you have any doubts, please get in touch. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of the party rests solely with the party itself. We cannot accept bookings for any person under the age of 18 unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian. You should follow the Country Code, adhere to any warnings and advisory notices along the route, and act prudently and sensibly at all times.

Personal holiday insurance to cover illness, injury, personal belongings and cancellation is strongly recommended. Please ensure your policy covers mountain walking and its associated risks. You should also consider if you need cancellation insurance to cover non returnable deposits in the event of ill health or other unforeseen circumstances.

While taking every care, Bergtoppers cannot be held responsible for injury or ill health effecting you or a member of your party during your holiday. Except in the case of death and personal injury, any claim against Bergtoppers or its employees or directors shall be limited to a maximum of the amount paid by the claimant for his/her individual holiday. Bergtoppers will only be liable for loss or damage caused by negligence or omissions by Bergtoppers.

If war or terrorist activities, threatened or actual, civil unrest, industrial action, threatened or actual, weather conditions, fire, flood, drought, or any other event outside the control of the Bergtoppers delays, curtails, or extends the holiday or compels a change in the holiday arrangements, we cannot accept liability for any resulting loss, damage or expense.

We will always do our best to arrange your accommodation in accordance with our advertising and your booking requirements. However, in some locations the amount and type of accommodation is limited, so occasionally some of the details may have to be altered from those advertised and/or requested. If available privat rooms are limited, we may have to substitute a room or move one or more of the overnight stops a few kilometres from the advertised location. This is more likely at busy times, or if the holiday is booked at short notice.

Unless you inform us otherwise at the time of booking we will assume that this is acceptable and that a variation in the location of overnight stops of up to 15 km is an acceptable modification which does not entitle you to cancel the holiday or receive a refund. We will check with you before booking an other room than desired, and before moving an overnight stop by over 15 km.

Occasionally it is not possible to book a private room for every overnight stop – again this is more likely during peak season or where the booking is made close to the time of departure. Unless you inform us otherwise at the time of booking, where privat rooms can be booked at a particular location, we will book standard accommodation instead.

Mark that in some accommodations no private rooms are available and therefore cannot be offered.


Not withstanding the above, we reserve the right to modify or cancel any holiday, or arrangement at any time up to eight weeks before departure. In the event of cancellation you will receive a full refund, unless we can offer an alternative that you are happy with. Where we have materially modified the holiday you are entitled to a full refund if the modifications are not acceptable to you. We will not materially modify or cancel the holiday within eight weeks of the date of departure unless compelled to do so because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
If you a receive a refund of all monies paid to Bergtoppers due to cancellation or material modification by us, you will not be entitled to any further sum by way of compensation, damages or otherwise arising from the cancellation or modification.

We welcome feedback (both positive and negative) on all aspects of our holidays so we can continue to improve them. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the accommodation or any other service provided by Bergtoppers please contact us as soon as possible, during your holiday, so that action can be taken to remedy the problem. Any complaint made to Bergtoppers after the holiday should be made in writing within 15 days of return.