“Tour de Gavarnie”

GR10 hiking in the area of Cirque de Gavarnie 2024


GR10 in de buurt van Cauteret

Saturday: Arrival in Luz st, Sauveur where you spend the night in the gite (B&B)
Sunday: Hike from Luz to Cauteret where you spend the night in the gite (B&B)
Monday: Hike to refuge Bayssellance and spend the night in the refuge (1/2 board)
Tuesday: Hike to Gavarnie and spend the night in the gite (1/2 board)
Wednesday: Resting day at Gavarnie to see the famous and largest cascade (1/2 board)
Thursday: Hike to Luz St. Sauveur and spend the night in a gite (B&B)
Friday: Resting day at Luz (B&B)
Saturday: Leave the Pyrenees, or extend wit one or more days.


The tour de Gavarnie can be booked from July until the end of September, in other periods there can be too much snow.
2 hikers minimum.
All hikes have been done by Bergtoppers.
The week can start any day of the week, the scedule above is just an example.

Price: 425 euro pp.

This is based on half board, tree times half board and five times bed and breakfast.
You sleep in dormitories and there is no luggage transport.
Hiking with a dog is not allowed.
Luggage transport can be arranged for 400 euros. Your luggage is transported from Luz to Cauteret, from Cauteret to Gavarnie and from Gavarnie to Luz.
In Cauteret and Luz you can choose for a private room. Ask us for the rates.


This program is pretty difficult in the higher mountains!
This journey is only possible for people that have own transportation.
Hiking experience and a strong will are necessary.
From refuge Baysellance you can go to the Petit Vignemale, a pic of more than 3000 meters.


If you want to book? Send us a mail!