Self lead hikes or Self-guided Hikes in 2024

Adventurous hikes in the French or Spanish Pyrenees

with a detailed description of the hikes.
Self lead hikes, we offer two different kinds :  From a fixed location or a trekking tour.
The hikes can be in the Ariege (domain of Bergtoppers) or outside the Ariege but always in the Pyrenees.

aunerge seix

auberge du haut salat

From a Fixed Location

The fixed location week, the Tour de Balade, is done in the domain of the Bergtoppers.
You can stay in an auberge, or in the hotel,
We offer different walks so you can go for the easy way but also for the more difficult hikes.


We have several tours from accommodation to accommodation;

Since 2023

We offer the following program,
A 3 days hike in the Haut Pyrenees, Vallee d’Ossau.

In the domain of the Bergtoppers we have the Tour de Montagne.
There is also a luxuery more sportive version the GR Tour de Mont Valier. In this last tour you go to refuge Estagnous from where you can go to the Mont Valier (2838 meters).
We also offer a program when you have a dog, Tour de Chien.

Since 2022 we offer the Tour de Passaran.
This is the self-lead variant of the Guided Tour, The Passaran

In the Ariege we have 2 GR10 weeks:
The Tour de Couserans
and the Tour de Pays Foix.

The trekking tour in the domain of the Bergtoppers are always done with transport of your luggage when possible. So every day you will find your luggage in the next accommodations. Except when you go to a refuge. Cars can’t come there so you have to bring your own luggage. But it is just for one night.

Outside the Ariege we offer a tour in the surrounding of the Gavarnie.
This is a pretty difficult week in the higher mountains (next to a glacier!)
You can do that with or without luggage transport.

In the Pyrenees we also offer the whole GR10!
This is the long distance path from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean