Hikes on demand 2019

Hikes on demand are meant for hikers with or without a guide, there are certain possibilities to hike between May and the end of October.

It is also possible to hike outside the above period, however not all the hikes can be done, because of the weather conditions (like snow).
Families are also welcome! A family will be charged for three persons, despite the number of children.
We have developed four different family programs:

In principle all hikes are possible in this area. There are hikes of 1 too 1,5 hours with a minimum change of altitude, but there are also hikes that takes a whole day, which differ in altitude up to 1900 meters! Even more, when wished for.

You can walk with a small day-backpack and we will transfer your luggage, or you can hike with a tent for example five days and bring your own food and luggage… everything is possible.
If you want to know more about the costs, click here.

Hereafter I have given some examples of possible hikes.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact The Bergtoppers.

A Combination of Self Lead and Guided

This year we organize one different hiking week.
A hiking week consists of a part where you determine which hikes you do (we can advice of course) and a part where you do guided hikes with a minimum of 5 persons.

Hiking week “Montgarri”

The first 2 till 3 days you do some hikes yourself with a detailed description, after that you do a 3-days guided hike with a little group (minimum 5, maximum 12)
The first days you can do from the Bergtoppers, where you stay at the camping or in the cabin of the Bergtoppers, or from a special mountain hotel towards the Spanish border. Of course both half board.
The last 3 days you spend the night in refuges (half board).

Hiking week “Montgarri”

Hikes on demand

slot o pol oyna Price : From 475 euro per person when you stay in the cabin of the Bergtoppers
Level : average
ruleta salou rentalmar apartment Dates : 20 and 27 July.

https://www.andres-kopiersysteme.de/slot-oyunlari-indir.html General:
It metin2 1 köy slotları includes a welcome drink, breakfast and dinner, guide and the transfers during the 3-days hike, but
it follow excludes travel from and to England, lunches a 8 euro 50.

Do you want to make a reservation? Send us an email!

View from estagnous

View from estagnous

A 3-days hike, the Tour de Mont Valier

You are already in the Pyrenees and want to climb the Mont Valier, the highest pic in the Couserans at 2838 meter.
This might be a good program for you.

Price : From 275 euro each when you stay in the cabin at Bergtoppers
Level : average
This includes a welcome drink, breakfast and dinner, and a transfer to the Riberot
it excludes travel from and to England, lunches for 8 euro 50 a day and luggage transfer on day 4

Do you want to make a reservation? Send us an email!

A combination of a mountain hotel and a 3-days hike

op maat Myrtille

495 euro pp for 2 persons.
Do you want to make a reservation? Send us an email!

Five days of hiking, with an extra activity

op maat bergtoppers

dinner at Bergtoppers

You want to go on holiday with a group of four persons in the French Pyrenees or Spanish Pyrenees. You like to do beautiful hikes and you do not mind carrying you own backpack. You come by plane and we pick you up in Toulouse. You want to canyoning on your restday. This might be a good option.

Day 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 you’ll sleep at ‘Bergtoppers’. Day 5 and 6 you’ll sleep in a gite (cabin).

You can do the hikes with or without a guide. If you walk independently, you’ll get a detailed description of the hikes.

GR10 kamperen

Stay at the cabin of the ‘Bergtoppers’

From 595 euros pp based on Self Lead
From 740 euros pp based on guided
This includes a bed in the cabin of the Bergtoppers, a welcome drink, breakfast and dinner and a pickup in Toulouse.
This excludes lunches a 8 euro 50 pp. and coming from and going to England.
Do you want to make a reservation? Send us an email!

Traveling from England

You can come by bus, Eurolines from London to Toulouse for 180 euros pp. return. You can also come by train from London to Toulouse but this is too expensive. You can come by plane from London to Toulouse from 160 pounds pp. return.

We can pick you up in Toulouse (145 euro per transfer), in Boussens (90 euro per transfer), and in St.Girons (45 euro per transfer). See also how to travel.