Big groups in the Pyrenees

Big groups program

Big groups have there own transport and come in the French or Spanish Pyrenees for one or more days to hike.
They have their own guidance. We can discuss about the dates.

group in the Pyrenees

Big groups

We have the possibilitie to rent an entire gite for several days with a capicity of 25 till 70 people.
There is also a hotel available with a capicity of 35 people.
This depends of the different rooms that are required.
There are also big refuges with a capicity of 70 people.

In the hotels or the refuges you can stay with breakfast and dinner.
In the gites you or we can cook for the whole group.
It is also possible that we take care for the packed meals.

The most hikes that we offer are suitables for big groups if they have there own transport.
We take care for sufficient guidance.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate and contact us !