Trekking at Gavarnie

All the hikes can be done self-guided unless you prefer to go with a guide.
Always be aware of the wheather forecast when you are trekking at Gavarnie. Some hikes are not possible when there is a lot of snow because you are not able to see the marks any more!

From Luz (680 meters) to cauteret (940 meters)

GR10 Luz Cauteret

from Luz you go to the bridge the Napoleon from where you pick up the GR10. You pass the village Sazos and you continue GR10.
After some little tracks you go through the village Grust. From there you continue GR10 untill the Col de Riou where you pass a ski area.

From Col de Riou you have to go down for a copple of hours to Cauteret. In Cauteret you spend the night in a beautiful gite with a nice garden and a friendly host/hostess.


Bring your packed meal
Start in Luz, end in Cauteret
about 6 hours hiking, 1270 meters climbing and 1040 meters descending
Suitable for everybody

From Cauteret (940 meters) to refuge Baysellance(2651 meters)

GR10 Cauteret Baysellance

GR10 from Cauteret to Baysellance

Today you reach the highest point of the GR10 and that is 2734 meters. The col that you pass before you arrive at the refuge. In Cauteret you walk first a bit down where you pick up the GR10 again. The path starts to climb again through some old thermal baths. You end up at the Cascade du Lutour near the road. After this you walk along a beautiful stream towards the Pont d’Espagne. You probably expect something like the Pont de Napoleon, but  ….
After the bridge you will soon reach a very beautiful lake. From here it is another hour and a half to the refuge de Gaube. The path to it is very beautiful and looks a lot like Spanish paths. Many pine trees, stony paths and a beautiful stream. The refuge is hidden behind a rock, so you only see it at the end. Behind the rocks a little higher you will see a glacier lake. A nice place for a break and a cup of coffee or something. From this refuge (2151) the path becomes even more rocky. It is now climbing 600 meters on a path that is well marked.
Nevertheless, stay alert. After about 2 hours of walking you reach Hourquette d’ossoue (2734 meters) the highest point of the GR10! You are also at the foot of the Petit Vignemale which can be done by every GR10 hiker.
After about 100 meters you descend at the refuge de Baysellance.


Bring your packed meal or eat at refuge du Gaube
Start in Cauteret, end at refuge de Baysellance
about 7 hours hiking, 1800 meters climbing and 100 meters descending
Suitable for everybody in shape.

From Baysellance (2651 meters) to Gavarnie (1365 meters)

trekking at Gavarnie

GR10 from Baysellance to Gavarnie

After breakfast you can walk to the Gavarnie very easily, but of course you can also do the Petit Vignemale first. If you do walk back to the Hourquette and take the left path and start with a steep climb. This leads to 3032 meters. In good weather you have a nice view of the Vignemale, which is the highest peak in the French Pyrenees and on the Breche de Roland.
A carved piece of rock done by Roland the Great with his sword Durandel. This walk takes you one and a half to 2 hours and brings you back to the refuge. From here you descend further until you get to the lake. Both sides are similar to each other …
From the lake you continue through some climbing and descending until you reach the refuge just before Gavarnie. Now it is not far more to be pampered by a nice beer.


Bring your packed meal
Start at refuge de Baysellance and end in Gavarnie
about 6-8 hours hiking, 1300 meters descending and 350 meter ascending and 1650 meters decending.
Suitable for everybody in shape.

GR10 Cirque de Gavarnie

Cirque de Gavarnie

From Gavarnie (1365 meters) to Gavarnie (1365 meters)

Today you can decide for yourself what you want. You can go into the village and behave like a real tourist and watch the 423 meter high waterfall in the Cirque. You can also visit the Breche de Roland. There are various possibilities for this … ..


Bring your packed meal or eat in Gavarnie
Start in Gavarnie, end in Gavarnie

From Gavarnie (1365 meters) to Luz (680 meters)

GR10 Gavarnie Luz

This is a fairly easy day where you make a lot of kilometers. You pick up the GR10 again in the vicinity of the refuge. You will arrive at the gite de Saugue after an hour and a half.
If you are lucky, it is open and you can drink a cup of coffee. The path is well signed and through some loops, houses etc. you end up at the electricity plant of Prugnanes. From here you make another climb to the croix de sia and then descend again and arrive at the famous Pont de Napoleon.


Bring your packed meal
Start in Gavarnie end in Luz
About 8 hours hiking, 500 meters climbing and 1100 descending.

From P Araille (1700 meters) to cab Caillou (1400 meters) to refuge de Pombie (2032 meters)

Today you start at the parking place and you walk to refuge de Pombie.


Bring your packed meal
Start in P Soques, end at Plombie
about 3 hours hiking, 300 meters descending and 600 meters climbing
Suitable for everybody

From refuge Pombie (2032 meters) to refuge d’Ayous(1980 meters)

Today you climb to Pic Saoubiste at 2261 meters.
From there you descend to Lac de Bious Artigues at 1400 meters. Probably you can find a table where you can drink something.
You continue via the GR10 to refuge d’Ayous.


Bring your packed meal
Start Pombie and end at Ayous
about 5-6 hours hiking, 300 meters climbing, 800 meters descending
Suitable for everybody

From refuge Ayous (1980 meters) to Parking Araille (1700 meters)

Today you pass several lakes and you walk to Pic Peyreget. (2487 meters)
From there you continue to Cirque dÁneou.
You walk a part of the D934 and the final part is via a hiking trail to the Parking place where you started this adventure.


Bring your packed meal
Start Ayous and end at the Parking place
about 5 hours hiking, 500 meters climbing, 800 meters descending
Suitable for everybody