GR10 in the Pyrenees 2022

Just like last year!
Do the GR10 in 55 days Self Lead and with transport of the luggage!

We have picked 8 weeks and in this period you can do the whole GR10. On your own, with a friend, or with a group.
You can do it in 1 year, but you can also do it in 8 years!

Banyuls GR10

The first hiking day of every week is a sunday. So saturday night you have to be at the starting place.
The last hiking day is always a saturday, (once a friday) so you have a whole day on sunday to return home.

Of course you can also do more weeks in the same period.

The weeks consist of 7 hiking days with an average hikingtime of 6 hours a day Most of the weeks have a short day on the third or the fourth hikingday, some kind of a restday. Other weeks start with a short first day, so you can use that day for a half travel day or culture day or something else day.
The tour operator of the Bergtoppers, The Bergtopper, takes care for the transport of the luggage on the first dag and the last day. The other days the transport of the luggage will be done by taxis.

The average price of a week is 574 euro .

GR10 mature

The weeks include transport of the luggage and if you need transportation to the starting point or from the last day we can
make an arrangement about that.

The nights are arranged from saturday till saturday (includes) and mostly based on half board (breakfast and dinner). If it is possible to have dinner on several places the night is based on Bed and Breakfast. You will sleep in refuges and gites, and in auberges and hotels. In some gites it is possible to prepare your own meal.

The weeks exclude travel from/to England. We can give you tips about cheap possibilities to come to the starting points of the weeks. There are often interesting offers of cheap airliners.

Dates and Prices
1 pound = 1.18 euros
1 euro = 0.85 pound

Week Arrival Date Departure Date Price +Info
1 Sa June 18th in Hendaye Su June 26th from St Jean Pied 500 euro Click here
2 Sa June 25th in Saint Jean Pied Su July 2nd St.Jean Pied de Port 525 euro Click here
3 Sa August 20th in Gabas Su August 28th from luz st sauveur 575 euro Click here
4 Sa August 27th in luz st sauveur Su September 4th from Fos 575 euro Click here
5 Sa September 3rd in Fos Su September 11th from Seix 575 euro Click here
6 Sa September 10th in Seix Su September 18th from Tarascon 575 euro Click here
7 Sa September 27th in Tarascon Su September 25th from Py 625 euro Click here
8 Sa September 24th in Py Su October 2nd from Banyuls 640 euro Click here

If you make a reservation for week 1 and week 2 you do not pay 1025 euro, but only 950 euro!
If you do the same with week 3 and week 4 then you do not pay 1150 euro, but only 1100 euro!
The prices are based on a minimum of 4 competitors and the chosen accommodation according to the program.
If you hike week 5 and week 6 together then the price is not 1150 euro but only 1100 euro!
If you make a reservation for week 7 and week 8 you do not pay 1265 euro, but only 1175 euro!

Self Lead Hikers

If you want to walk with GR10 for 1 or more weeks and you can not use the above data, it is also possible to book the GR10 as an individual trip. Determ a date and  inform us about the possibilities. We will try to approach the group price. Of course, this can be done with or without luggage transport.