Possible places to spend a night in our region

The prices are from 2023!

In a hotel.

A night is about 75 euro for a room and half board is possible for 65 euro pp.
It depends of the period.
There are 2 hotels in Oust:

  • Hotel de la Poste
  • Hotel les Rives du Haut Salat
  • Hotel les 4 saisons

In an Auberge.

A night is about 55 euro for a room and half board is possible for 55 euro pp.
In the high season (july august) you must make a reservation for at least 3 nights!

  • Auberge du Haut Salat in Seix,
  • Auberge des deux rivieres in Pont de la Taule,
  • Auberge les Myrtilles in Salau
  • Auberge le Valier (Riberot)
groepsreis wandelen pyreneeen


In a gite.

There a 2 different type of gites. You have the gite d’etape and the Rando’Plume.
A gite d’etape is normally situated next to a dayhike, the GR10 or the GRP. They exist for a long time and you can stay there for 1 or 2 nights. You can prepare your dinner yourself in a kitchen that everybody can use or take half board. Sometimes there are rooms for 2-4 people but mostly you have big places (10 – 12 people).
You are a guest but you have to clean your room and kitchen yourself.
In Aulus les Bains, Rouze, Aunac, Cos and Esbints you find these gites.
The price for a night is from 20 euro and half board is possible for 47 euro pp.
A Rando’Plume is an accommodation that you can reach easily by car. There is more comfort than in a gite d’etape with rooms for 2 – 6 people. Sheets you can use here. So it is like an auberge, you do not have to take your sheets. Often you have to take half board in summer. You can stay here for more than 2 nights, for example a whole week.
Also here you have to clean your room and your bathroom (according to an auberge).
The price of a night is based on a half board night and is possible from 47 euro pp.

In Cominac, Bidous and St. Lizier d’Ustou you find these gites.

chillen la colline verte

chillen la colline verte

The advantage of a gite (according an auberge or hotel) is that you do not pay extra for 1 person.

You can spend the night in the following places:

  • Cominac
  • Aulus les Bains
  • Bidous
  • St. Lizier d’Ustou
  • Rouze
  • Esbints
  • Aunac
  • Cos de Bergerac

At a campsite.

The price or a place is about 10 euro and for 1 person about 7 euro 50. Sometimes you have to pay extra for a tent. Mostly you can put more tents on 1 place.
You can make a selection of the next camping’s:

  • le haut salat *** te Seix
  • les 4 saisons *** te Oust
  • la Cote ** te Oust
  • Cos de Bergerac ** te Oust
  • La Claire ** te Soueix

At the cabin of the Bergtoppers. No longer possible

The  sheppard’s cabin is 3 to 3 meters, situated next to our house. On the first floor there is a double bed and downstairs is a bunk bed (2 beds above each other).
At the cabin is a toilet, sink and a shower with hot water. In front of the cabin is a terrace with a superb view of the Mont Valier (see the header in the home page).
Guests in the cabin are guests of the family. In the morning the hike can start after a very good breakfast and in the afternoon the drinks are cool.
On the picture our house is on the left and the cabin on the right.

nieuwe_cabaneThe gite has been built in 2008 and is located at the beginning of our land. You find this cabin between the trees. Of course you find here also a nice view on the mountains.
Downstairs you find a bedroom with a dubbel bid, a living room and a bath room (sink, shower and toilet).
Upstairs there is a big dormitory with 6 single beds.
After your hike you can relax in front of the cabin.

For both cabins we have blankets and pillows. The matresses are provided with a mattress cover.
It is sufficient to bring a sleeping bag or a sleeping sheet.

The price for an adult is 40 euro based on 1/2 board.

A tent at Bergtoppers. no longer possible

Since 2006 we have a little camping with 4 horizontal plateaus. We put 3 tents of our own so there is one spare for whom that want to bring their own tent.
Our tents are supplied with slatted and have 4 places to sleep.
The matresses are provided with a mattress cover and you find blankets and pillows.

There is also a toilet building with 2 showers, 2 sinks and 2 toilets.
In July and August you have to take half board, the price for an adult is 30 euros.
Other months you pay 10 euros for a night, 1/2 board might be possible.

Dinner at Bergtoppers. no longer possible

Every morning we have breakfast in the artytent between 8 and 9. If you want to have an early breakfast that is that possible of course.
Dinner mostly start at half past 7 and can be in the partytent or outside at some other tables if the wheather is good.

Possible places to spend a night in the Pyrenees

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