Travel to Seix

  1. By car.
    From Amsterdam the distance is about 1330 kilometer. For the peage you have to pay about 53 euro. The time to travel is about 13 hours depending of your speed.
  2. archery king oyna By bus.
    You can go by eurolines directly from London to Toulouse. It takes about 25 hours and the price is about 180 euro for a return.
    From Toulouse you can go by train to Boussens and from there by bus to St-Girons (ca. 1,5 hour and ca. 17 euro).
  3. 3d slot oyunları By train.
    From London to Toulouse is too expensive.
  4. By plane.
    You can fly with easyjet from london to Toulouse.

We can pick you up in the following places fro the following prices.

slot makine oyunları bedava Place Price for a transfer
St-Girons 45 euro
Boussens 90 euro
Toulouse or Melles 145 euro
Carcassonne or Pau   220 euro


In St-Girons it is never a problem to pick you up. The other places are mostly also possible but we have to communicate about it.