Fauna in the Pyrenees

During walks and a holiday in the Pyrenees, one can encounter many different fauna. In the forested areas live a variety of wildlife. The fauna of the Pyrenees is so varied that almost half of all species in Europe occur here. Including boar, foxes, badgers, deer, wild cats and other small mammals can be spotted here. Especially wild pigs are present in large numbers, this cunning animal, however, is especially at night on the road making it difficult to get to see it.

A large number of species are endemic, meaning that there are only a few of common, as the Isard (Pyrenean chamois). Isards are shy animals that flee quickly. Yet these animals are often visible because they live in the open mountain meadows in the summer.

The Pyrenean fauna are all adapted to the severe conditions imposed by the high mountains. Gure, fierce winds, frigid temperatures and food scarcity are all common. Thus ensuring the brown bear and wild boar for a good layer of fat before winter begins. The marmot is hibernating and many mammals in the Pyrenees have extra blood cells and larger lungs

The Bearded Vulture

  • lammergier pyreneeen

For the real bird lovers the Pyrenees are a paradise. Hunting eagles, bearded vultures , and the woodpecker can be seen.
But also special fauna like the genekat , the lynx and the Pyrenean brown bear life hear in the beautiful mountains.

The bolden eagle and the buzzard

  • fauna pyreneeen
    gouden adelaar

In and around the water you can find animals like the brook salamander , otters , the Pyrenean Desman , rainbow trout and salmon . Other animals that can undoubtedly encounter many species of lizards , beetles , dragonflies , grasshoppers and butterflies.

Something smaller

  • fauna pyreneeen

The Egyptian vulture

faune pyreneeen

Egyptische gier

The griffon vulture

  • fauna pyreneeen
    vale gier

Teh chamoix, the salamander and …..

  • fauna pyreneeen

The photos were taken by Dave Watts , an Australian wildlife photographer in the region of Bergtoppers . He feeds the birds regularly from a shelter. This allows him to take these beautiful pictures.