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Information about the area

In the Middle of the franch Ariege, towards the Spanish border there is one of the most untouched hiking area’s in Europe. There are even some brown bear!

The nature is very important for the Ariège and very interesting for nature lovers. Take a look at flora and fauna, or take a look at the folowing movie:

The Mont Valier massif is one of the largest reserves of the french Pyrenees where about 900 Isards live. In this area there is one big french cabin where you can come after an 4 hours’ hike.
The Pont Valier is 1 of the highest peaks in the Couserans (2838 meters) that you certainly must conqueror!

The domain of the Bergtoppers starts in Melles and ends in Siguer where we focus on the valley of the Garbet with the biggest village Aulus les Bains; the valley of the Alet, with villages around Ustou; the valley of the Salat with villages like Salau, Couflens and Seix and the valley of the Lez with villages like Eylie, Sentein and Castillion.
The biggest place in the neighborhood (a city) is St. Girons.

The GR10 and the Haute route Pyrenées go through this part of the Pyrenees, which can be hiked. If you go hiking or trekking watch always the
There are nice villages in the neighborhood like Seix, Oust of a bit bigger St Girons and St Lizier. Every village has its own specialty: a nice Roman church, or a nice market.
Toulouse is 115 kilometer from Seix and Foix ca. 45 km.

The majority of the locals lives from cows, sheep, horses, cheese etc. In most villages cheese is made so it is possibel to visit a cheese farm.
Next to hiking you can do some other activities such as mountainbike, kayakkings, rafting, parapanten, canyon. Do you want to know where you can sleep, or how you can travel to Seix?
Take also a look at the following link to get an idea of our region.

If you want to live here after your visit, take a look at the website of a french agence Charvy.


In summer you have a party every weekend in one of the villages. You can join dinner for a reasonable price. Often there are games for jeu de boule with a whole pig as price.

Mid June is the transhumance. Cows, horses and sheep go with sheppard into the mountain. It is possible to walk with the sheppards and their cattle. In most villages this goeas together with a party. Everybody is happy that the cattle and the sheppards disappear for 3 months…..

On july 13 and 14 the tour will pass the Pyrenees. 13 july they go from Lourdes to Saint Lary and 14 july they finih on Plateau la Beille. they will pass Luchon, Saint Girons and Aulus les Bains.
For further information see the website Tour de France.

The first sunday of august there is a Pujade. French people and Spanish people climb to Post Salau to lunch together and dance. Also the mare is coming (by helicopter).

Other activities
Kayakken/raften for a half day is about 40 euro pp.
A half day canyoningen is about 60 euro pp.
A visit to a cheese farm is about 15 euro pp.