About Us

Bergtoppers Pyreneeen

Roelof & Ireen

Some years ago we, Roelof Borst en Ireen Schmitz, started a dutch hiking organization, hiking with Bergtoppers.
In the beginning it was just a hobby, but since 2007 it is a real enterprise.


On our land we renovated our cabin so little groups can sleep here (max 5 people) and we built another one where max 8 people can sleep.


At this moment we are in the Pyreneees for 6 weeks. We have 2 children (Jeanne a girl of 23 years old, in march already 24 and Luc a boy of 22 years old). Our barn looks like a house now and this is why we have more time to spend to hike in the mountains.

Hikes in the mountains

Since 2002 we have been doing some serious hikes in the mountains.

hiking with Bergtoppers

Roelof & Luc

I have walked the whole GR10 from Hendaye to Banyuls sur Mer and every year I walk the Ariege part from Luchon to Merens les Vals to stay “up to date” of the Ariege.
In the surroundings of Aulus, Ustou, Seix, Salau and Castillion I have walked several hikes, amongst others to the Spanish Pyrenees.

I maintain day-hikes or multiple days-hikes in the Ariege. The length and level of difficulty will be discussed in advance.
The day-hikes can start from a fixed location for instance an hotel, auberge, gite or at the Bergtoppers (cabin or camping).
The multiple days-hikes contain at least one night in a cabin, gite or tent.

Walking Programs

In 2006 we have got programs for the Self Leads, groups.
Because of lots of demands by families we have this special for families and since some years also for family groups.!

The Self Leads walk a week without guidance, but with a detailed description of the hike.
A group consists of a minimum of 5 hikers and a guide will join the group. You can choose between two different weeks, that differs in level of difficulty.
Families are welcome!, but most of the time a family has specific wishes and is offered a special made hike that meets these wishes. A family is charged equally to three persons, despite the number of children.
For the Family group we planned several dates where a family can book so you will walk with other families and othere children without guidance.
All hikes take place within the French or Spanish Pyrenees in the surrounding of Seix.

refuge de Bassies

View from Bassies

If you do not want to hike a full week, but just a couple of days, or you want to extend the week with a couple of days then take a look at hikes on demand.
Hikes on demand are for individuals but also for groups.
If you want to compose a hike for your own group, it is possible too. All details can be found at hikes on demand.

You need hiking shoes you have already trained and travel insurance. Experience is not necessary, training is. For day-hikes a small backpack is sufficient, for multiple day-hikes a bigger backpack is necessary.
If you come as an individual or with a group of your own and you want to hike with a guide, than these are the costs.


If you want more information after reading the above, do not hesitate and contact de Bergtoppers.